The Pinexo™ Team

At Pinexo, we are dedicated to reducing energy consumption - and to creating user friendly software to make our users' jobs easier. We believe that if performing an analysis requires more than knowledge of the process in focus and your general experience, we are doing something wrong.


Mattias Münnich

Mattias has long experience from leading positions in various startup companies. At present, Mattias is in the board of the project, and works active in the development of the Pinexo project. Mattias is also a board member in other companies. Mattias is a combination of structure and a well of new ideas. Mattias holds a Master’s degree in finance from the University of Gothenburg as well as a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Business design from Chalmers University.

Martin Starzmann

Martin is all about business. In complex and fast-moving projects, he uses structure and discipline to create success from chaos. Experiences from starting several companies within IT and production, experience from the petrochemical sector, a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering at Chalmers paired with courses in purchase and marketing, and a Master's in Business Administration has given Martin a keen sense for creating and developing strong business cases.

Amin Mehdipoor

Amin is always looking for ways to combine technology with customer problems in order to create better experiences and operations for everybody involved. Believing that smart solutions can create more value for both customers and society, Amin sees a bright future for Pinexo. Amin has broad experience from consulting and holds Master degree from Chalmers University.