How it works

To generate realistic rebuild suggestions, we combine pinch analysis with a mathematical method taking multiple cost parameters into account such as piping and pressure drop.

Pinexo™ offers the first web based, user friendly tool to perform this analysis. These is no need to be an expert in software nor pinch.

We give you the essential key data for your decision process such as rebuild suggestions, investment estimations, potential savings and payback rates.

You know your process best, and with our tool you can optimize it and make sure the full heat potential is being utilized!

Savings have been identified as 10-35% in previous projects, depending of course on the current state of the process and the conditions specified.

Log in

  • With our safe and secure cloud service, you can access your account from anywhere and do not need an IT department to get started.


  • After having collected all necessary data about your process, including stream temperature and mass flow, you upload the excel input to your account.


  • Restrictions such as heat exchangers that can not be modified as well as process-specific cost data can be modified before (or after) running the analysis.


  • Create rebuild suggestions within seconds. Solutions include measures to be taken and of course key economic data such as paybacktime and cost.


  • You know your process best. If you want more alternatives, repeat steps 3-5 until you have found the solution thaty fits your process and policies best.