Reduce energy costs with 10-35%

Our simple, useful tool generates rebuild suggestions based on on optimal energy scenarios,
taking into account cost parameters and generating key economic data for the project.


Pinexo™ offers consultants and plants a user friendly tool for optimizing heat exchanger networks.

Optimize Heat Flows

Through a well-known academic method developed for more than 25 years, Pinexo™ can evaluate the cold and hot flows of a factory and detect potential for savings. All you need to do is upload data, and the software will evaluate whether there are potential for savings in your process.

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Focus on Key Data

Reducing energy consumption is good for the environment - but at the end of the day, everything comes down to cost. Through a mathematical method we take into account all major cost parametres, and the solutions proposed will be a compromise giving you maximum savings with minimum payback rates.

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Make the right decision

With the ability to generate multiple rebuild solutions complete with investment costs and payback rates within hours, you will be able to make the right decisions for your company's or your customers' plant.

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